Export annotations into KML and also Import way points as annotations in already created map

I am working for the conservation of an Indian crocodilian species in central India. I am implementing aerial survey tools for surveying this species. I am using Drone deploy to create maps. I have noticed that drone deploy does have the feature of import/Export annotations like GPS waypoints from KML file into the already created map. If you can assist me on this feature it would be greatly appreciated. Because without this feature I cant able to analyze my data.
Thank you in advance.

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Welcome @jaiwildlife! I have changed your thread to a feature request as it contains functionality that does not currently exist, but we can continue with trying to get your goal accomplished.

For the import, are you referring to this one?


While you can bring in a KML polygon, but unfortunately it does not support line strings or waypoints. Points do not come in at all and line strings are turned into polygons.

There is another similar feature request asking for input of coordinates to create a place annotation. Is this something in your expectation as well?

Hi, @MichaelL Thank you for replying for my message. Yes, I am looking forward to import and export annotations that created in dronedeploy into a KML. Is this possible somehow? Because I am working on a conservation project of crocodilians where this feature is really necessary.

Unfortunately KML’s are only importable at this point. The majority of our internal use is done in DroneDeploy, but for now we do our markups to share externally in Bluebeam or QGIS. I am changing this to a Feature Request. There are similar export requests, but most of them are regarding flight plans.

Thank you for your reply. How to extract our markups to QGIS? Here markups means annotations right?
Thanks in advance

Yes, but annotations beyond what DroneDeploy can do. IE, labeled stockpiles, measurements and notes boxes. I just download the ortho, open it in QGIS and annotate there. Same thing in Bluebeam just of the ortho and save as a PDF. It is actually a better office environment workflow and is accepted better by clients.

I do believe DroneDeploy will get there, but one of the outstanding items in the development queue is being able to make those other kinds of annotations and then move on the printing/exporting them.