Export a planned mission to KMZ or KML

I have planned a mission in DroneDeploy and now need to give the mission to a surveyor to set the GCP’s. It would be nice to be able to export the mission as a KMZ/KML to provide to the surveyor rather than replanning in Google Earth, saving as a KMZ/KML and then importing back into DroneDeploy. Thanks for listening and hope I am not the 1st to request this.


What exactly are you trying to convey to the surveyors. Do you have CAD overlayed on the ortho so that you can pick good spots for GCP’s? Or is it just a general map update newer than Google Earth that they can follow?

Still don’t think they’ve provided the (KML Exporting of Flight Plans) yet but - Would really love to have this functionality to check/validate extent with clients (that dont have DD) before flying the mission.

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I could have used this today. I was flying the Yuneec H520E RTK and didn’t have a plan for the site because we had been using the P4Pv2 but we are getting to critical grade so we will finish out with the RTK. If I could have exported the exact flight plan I would have been ready in 5 minutes. Starting from scratch I had a hard time finding the limits of construction so it took me 15 to get everything setup and it still won’t exactly match what we had been doing. I’ll still get really good data but it may not line up perfectly with the P4P with GCP’s.

Did you know there is a tool in the DD App Store to import KLM. I plan the missions on Google earth pro then import them to DD. You can overly the air restriction zone too. If you need to plan a mission from actual survey data then convert from a .csv to klm then plan it in Google earth. There are a few online converters for csv to klm

Thanks Peter yes well aware use that all the time what I wanna do is the opposite…create a mission and then export it into a KML or KMZ to share the mission plan with a surveyor, contractor or other resource that is involved. That’s not available today


Good day, I am not able to download the import Kml app I have a flight plan the need to be imported. I would be glad if I can get any help

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Hey Bello. What’s happening? Are you getting an error? I can see the “KML and SHP Import” app in the app market.