Flight Plans and Overlays

I would like to request the ability to bring in a CAD overlay when creating initial flights. Usually we do this in Google Earth and then bring the KML in, but I have notice shifts between Google Earth and the “Google Earth” that is on the DroneDeploy interface so it is usually a best guess and I have to overfly to make sure I have captured everything. It would also be valuable when there is a revision or an area is added and you just found out right before your next flight.

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Along the same lines, but adding the ability to finalize a flight plan by creating a new flight plan from the cropped area as defined by the user and CAD overlay.

@MichaelL Planning with a CAD overlay just makes sense to me. This is a great suggestion. I’ve already brought this up to product. Thank you!

As a side note, Google Earth / Maps is never perfect (as I am sure you know probably better than anyone!), but earlier this year there was a particularly pronounced issue where their layer was very incorrectly georeferenced, and after we reported the issue (a lot of our properly georeferenced maps weren’t oriented on the base layer correctly), it was fixed, so I would be curious if you’ve noticed any difference since the original post.

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It really depends on what area you are in and it varies pretty well across a 200-mile radius in our area.

The biggest issue I see with planning a site is when the latest maps shows a forest of trees. Even a open pasture is difficult when trying to fly a pond. Usually I have to manually drive/walk around to get the boundary of my flight.

So having a overlay would be great.