Annotation feature request

A few things over the year or so I’ve been using drone deploy that would REALLY be nice to have:

  • import a kml/kmz file with points/lines into drone deploy, so we could see points we’ve already established on the imagery.
  • Ability to type in gps coordinates, and have a pin dropped at that location (I have to drop a pin, then try to drag it around to find the exact coordinates I’m looking for.
  • Easily export all my annotations as kml/kmz files, to be imported for use in other software
  • Custom icons on the annotation pins.
  • Ability to upload Photos, to attach to specific in the annotations

I know some of the is janky, but hopefully it will help you get a little closer to what you are looking for. @Jamespipe

Use QGIS to convert a KML or KMZ file to shapefile :

  1. Click on Layer > Add Vector Layer.
  2. Find your KML or KMZ file.
  3. Right-click your new layer and click “Save as shapefile .”

Right on! You can also create points in QGIS to add to the Shapefile to import into DroneDeploy.

Annotations can be exported as Shapefiles. Unfortunately I think this is limited to Business and Enterprise accounts.

Absolutely. I have been asking for this for a while! It would also be great to have icons for GCP’s. No reason why that couldn’t be auto-populated with attributes of the coordinates and RMSE.

You can add photos to an annotations using to chat feature on the bottom-left.