Important Missing Features (mining industry + more)

Hello all,
After my first “real” test (meaning in the field, where everything has to go 100% smoothly and the end product has to look good) with the app I’ve noticed that there are a ton of features which seem to be crucial for a lot of us doing mapping in remote mountainous areas.

• Drone coords (lat/lon & UTM)
• home/pilot coords (lat/lon & UTM)
• Ability to create a plan from coords (on the fly and not from a kml or shp)
• Distance from pilot to furthest point
• Realistic estimation of lines that can be completed after flying part/half of the first line?
• Ability to clear map cache or part of map cache when certain tiles fail to load
• Half map and half video feed view or ability to swap map and video at the least
• Camera settings option to change from manual to auto or at least display the current settings on side bar while taking off/flying or even just a warning on system check before flight to see if camera settings are on manual and if they are then asks if this is what the user wants.
• Ability to create square/rectangle plans
• Proper sidelap + frontlap adjustments when flying in mountainous terrain
:arrow_up:️ability to choose your terrain? Mountainous, flat, etc with differing settings for each :arrow_up:
• Ability to specify altitude change between each line (e.g. telling the drone to go up 10m every time it finishes a line)
• Auto return home calculations (i.e. figuring out how much percent it takes to fly to the start of a line and making sure to auto return home with enough to get back)
• Drone not moving + rotors obstructed should cut motors and give out an emergency signal with last known coords of drone
• Ability to disable loading/saving from/to server when in remote areas on bad wifi

I think with all of these features, dronedeploy would and could take on a significant amount of users who fly drones in similar areas and terrain as myself. A lot of these are small fixes or changes which would take little to no significant time to develop and would give the app the all-around experience that they are trying to achieve.