Software Support - Area Segmentation or Pre-set Size

Few questions as follow,

  1. Does dronedeploy provide the area segmentation function? (Let say the customer selected 100HA Rectangle and wanted to split it as 10 small blocks, so 10HA each)

  2. Or is it possible they can pre-set the square (10HA each) and input the coordinate ?

  3. Or any similar function can reduce the workload on the flight planning?

Also, could you provide the guidance or tutorial for me if dronedeploy has one of the functions above?


Unfortunately during the pulley doesn’t do anything like this so I changed your topic to feature request. Do you receive any information that designates the flight perimeter? We get all of our stuff from our construction CAD files but it is also easy to digitize files for KML import. You can also use something like QGIS or even Google Earth Pro.