Make available Measure tools on 3D Model

Hi John,

Thanks so much for reaching out. Your feature suggestion is very interesting. Currently, we do not have the feature to annotate 3D models or take into account the elevation/3d model information into our area calculation. We are definitely working on improving our analysis features so I’m happy to share this great idea with our Analysis Team. In the meantime, to get the best visibility for your feature request, we recommend posting this idea on the Features & Ideas channel within our DroneDeploy Forum. This will give exposure to other users and allow them to vote on the idea. Our product team looks at the features and ideas with the most votes when they in product planning.

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Hi @johnatfreesundotcom,

Just to clarify, do you have any issues or questions about DroneDeploy?

Keep me posted,

Hi Christina, I had put a feature request for drone deploy functional improvement into the forum which was can the measuring tools available in 2D mode be also made available for 3D mode.

Thx J

Gotcha! Thanks for sharing with us.