Use Drone to Drop Waypoints for Map Creation

There are times when I would prefer to use the drone to draw a path for the DroneDeploy map. For example, in a setting where there has been a lot of development, the Google Earth map that I draw on in my iPad for DroneDeploy may be very different from what is in the environment. In those settings, if I were to fly a square or rectangular path, I would prefer to take the drone fly the drone to those edges and drop a pin that represents the corners of the rectangle or square.

I could then use that data to better draw my path in DroneDeploy, without worry of crashing into things.

The Autopilot App ( has a great features for drawing waypoints in this manner. You fly the drone where you want it to go and click on the bottom right button on the underside of the remote. It drops a waypoint at the exact location of the drone. You continue flying and dropping waypoints to draw the path that you want the drone to fly.

Would it be possible to implement this type of workflow to draw map paths for DroneDeploy?

Hello @htm2112,

That sounds like a great use case. Unfortunately, we do not currently support that feature. Hopefully, in the future, we can implement this product feature request.

For the meantime, we have users flying their drone straight up with visual line of sight and inspecting the environment through the DJI GO app before launching their waypoint DroneDeploy mission.