Point cloud questions

I am working on a project where we used our drone to make a map (photogrammetry) of our site, through DroneDeploy. We downloaded the LAS file from DroneDeploy and imported the points into RECAP. We set the datum and units in RECAP, then saved the file. Opened Civil3D and imported the RECAP file into the drawing. The points come into the drawing just fine, I am trying to “infer geometry” from the point cloud, basically I want to be able to draw on the planes of the point cloud (trace the existing buildings outlines in 3D) but I am not able to draw a rectangle onto the “plane” of points (existing building side) Can you please let me know if I anyone has done this using DroneDeploy? I am not sure if its an issue with RECAP, Civil3D or if its an issue with my file from Drone Deploy. I do not have the ability to download RECAP files directly from DD, I can only download LAS and XYZ point cloud data.

Are you trying to snap to the points? You best route is to make a surface from the LAS and then elevate your linework to the surface. If you are not familiar with working with the point clouds in Civil 3D then you may want to just export the DXF and make a surface from that.

Are you drawing on the DSM? It would also be much easier if you were working with a DTM.

@Whit_Dawson That is a great question! I believe Micheal is correct, your best route is to create a surface. I would also recommend taking a look at this AutoCAD forum: https://www.cadtutor.net/forum/topic/63317-drawing-on-point-clouds/ and reaching out to their support team. They are the experts in their software and will be able to help you accomplish your final product.