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Can anyone let me know if DD can output a 3D model suitable for loading into Navisworks?

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The most common method is to run the point cloud through Recap, do any necessary cleanup and export an RCS. I wouldn’t recommend putting a meshed surface from a drone into Navisworks. There are far too many triangles and unless you have a super-computer you’ll be waiting for rendering more than you will be able to use the system. The DSM point cloud actually works very well and at certain distances and point sizes can appear rendered. One thing you will probably run into if you use imperial units is that Recap data almost always imports as metric and you data will be off-screen. Revit Structural models on the right and drone captured buildings on the left. The points are selectable and can be used for measurement.

As you can see we just about as-built scanned the existing columns and corbels we will be tying into. The RTK drone points are within a 0.10ft of the terrestrial laser scan…

You can export an .OBJ from DroneDeploy. I have imported this OBJ into Revizto and then repositioned it. Works like a charm.
For importing into Navis, you can use the OBJ Importer plugin or use software like Blender to convert from OBJ to FBX.

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