Scaling Issue When Importing Point Cloud to Recap/Navisworks

I am having some major issues when trying to import a point cloud file in to Autodesk Recap and Navisworks. The import works fine and it opens normally, but when I go to measure I notice my point cloud is approximately 30% larger than what my DroneDeploy map reads. The DroneDeploy map dimensions are correct, but for some reason the point clouds come in to these software at a larger scale. Even when I change the scale from meters to feet, it stays the same size.

Has anyone else had these issues?

Are you using a coordinate system with GCP’s?

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This has been on ongoing issue with Recap as part of the workflow for almost 2 years now. Recap is a glorified viewer/converter with a couple of useful commands, but it is terrible at scales and measurements. I assume you have done all this, but make sure your units and scales are setup in the Recap and Navisworks projects before you import any data. They are both metric by default. Make sure you are in US (survey) feet and not international.


That wouldn’t make a huge difference as the DroneDeploy map is only a couple inches off. It’s when I export as a point cloud, and change the units to feet. Then, for some reason, the drawing is 30% larger.

Have you tried setting everything up in USft and leaving the layer as meters in Navisworks? This is the problem people have been having. When you set it to feet in Navisworks the program is still reading what it thinks are meters and makes everything 3.28084 times larger which is the opposite of what it should do. What model and year of Navisworks are you using?