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QUick question as client is looking for an answer before EOB today,
Can point clouds be exported as DWG files for use by AutoCad. The project will also include surveying verticals

PAul Deeman
Drone My Business Ltd

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I wouldn’t recommend it. What version of AutoCAD? They might be able to go through Recap.

It’s a request for a quote I’ve had in from a company of architects to do some surveying on the vertical walls of a high rise block of flats, export as a DWG (point cloud?) file for import into AutoCad. Why not recommend it, Michael? I also need some info on


It depends on what version of AutoCAD they have. It will either go through Recap to Civil3D or it is going to be going through multiple 3rd party programs to get it into regular AutoCAD. The reason I wouldn’t recommend it is because a point cloud is the raw data and contains millions if not 10’s of millions individual points and even a beefy computer will lag trying to many the shear number of objects. They can probably use a DXF as well but you still have to get the XYZ or LAS file to that format. I’d be happy to talk to them on your behalf. If you haven’t used/don’t have the software it is going to be very hard to explain.

Again Thanks Michael and the vertical facade flight inspection?

I have read Kaitlin’s article, seems straightforward enough, but are there any known examples?

That is just a vertical version of the standard pattern that we use for mapping. It basically allows you to take images from a closer proximity which can aid the structural model but is actually more beneficial in an inspection workflow as you can go to each image in full resolution and flag issues. In our scenario it has not really been an option because of the amount of equipment present until all of the roof equipment is placed. Without an RTK drone (which DroneDeploy doesn’t currently support) it is a dicey situation getting around things like cranes, scaffolding and skytracks.