Import data to Civil 3D (point cloud) and create a surface

Hello everyone,
I exported a file from the 3D model, the file extension is “.las”. I got this from the example tutorial I found on the webpage.
When I try to import the point cloud to civil 3D in order to create a surface. I have a scalling problem.
I can import the data and create the surface, but is way to small. The lenght of the cloud of points is 0,00013 m (wich is clearly wrong).

Maybe there is another way to create a surface on Civil 3D from the data available.

Any help would be great

Having the same problem. I have noticed a couple of things that may or may not help you:

  1. The exported files are in Longitude, Latitude, Elevation format, or at least the XYZ files. Civil 3D normal workspace is northing easting. I had to create a custom point file format that specified the correct format.

  2. If you looked at your lat/long values, the length of the largest and smallest values would equal something like the number you are getting.

  3. check the drawing and point file import datums/coordinates to ensure they are correct.

Solved this last night/this morning at 2:00 AM:

  1. In Civil 3D, go to the settings tab on the side bar. Right Click on the project name and change the coordinate system to what you want your project to be in, for me it was Florida State Plane East Feet. DO NOT make it the CRS:84 that the Drone Deploy files are referenced to. That is not a local coordinate system, but a geo-referenced location (latitude, longitude).

  2. On that same screen there are two boxes that I checked that said to adjust other files to my chosen coordinate system.

  3. Create a Point Cloud using the LAS file (message me if you need help bringing in the XYZ file). Make sure that you pick the CRS:84 coordinate system for the LAS file.

  4. Let it process and spot check it!.

Hope that helps anybody who was where I was 24-hours ago!