Photo Pin Location

I know this one is a little out there, but it would be nice to have the ability to move the photo pins to the subject rather than where the images were taken from. It is a little confusing when the user wants to see a picture of a specific subject and they have to figure out which pin shows that subject. Especially if there are several in an area. Also, site overalls can be taken from quite far away so the pin ends up way off the map.
Also, we still don’t have the ability to scroll through the images.

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Michael: I have recently completed deriving the math to geo-locate remote targets using the pixel location of that target’s image in its oblique photograph captured by a drone aircraft. Of course, the drone GPS location and its attitude are required from the drone’s flight log - associated with the photograph of interest. Also, camera specifications are required as input. This method does not require that the range-to-target be known; but the drone’s flight height above ground level does need to be known
Please take a look at the attached example photo and the Google Earth image showing the location of the drone, the digitized location of the target (2-pole structure), and the calculated remote target location. Using the drone’s flight log information, this method is able to get the remote target location within 14 feet (accuracy) from a variety of drone-target relative locations and flight heights up to 400 feet - tested parameters.
I am developing this method for my own use for placing my oblique photographs on Google Earth and CartoMobile GIS software on my iPhone/iPad. I’m certain that others could benefit from the use of this method; so I’m thinking about ways to make the method available.
Let me know what you think.
Thanks for your time and consideration.


Good stuff. For now I use GeoSetter to relocate the images. Just load them into the interface and move them to where ever you want them and it will modify the data via ExifTool. This is particularly handy when you take several images from the same vantage point or are doing 360 panos.

Michael: Probably OK for a few photos: but not to good for hundreds, thousands. or tens of thousands of photos.


For sure, but I can do 50 or so in less than 5 minutes so for the purpose of this post and doing it in DroneDeploy it suffices until they figure it out. If you have to relocate that many images it sounds like a collection problem and I can’t imagine a reason why that many photos that aren’t map related to ever be uploaded to DroneDeploy. Maybe you could also work on a way to collect it in a better manner…