GPS off video still image

Can anyone tell me if you can take a still from a video clip which has the meta data such as gps location with it. Or are you limited to still camera function only for that?

Which craft? There is gps location data on the subtitle file. I suppose you could use that to get a general lat/long though probably not as accurate as an image file. You are not trying to use video frames for ortho processing I hope.

Hi @Grizz, I’m curious what project you’re working on! Can you share more about your use case? Here is some information about our data requirements for uploading images.


Hi team. I’m using a P4P and I’m trying to find a way to fly a remote large area, ideally with DD to insure complete coverage in order to detect wild pine growing amongst our native NZ bush. I tried doing a 2D map but all trees look the same from above and found flying with camera at 45 degrees makes identifying the pine easier. But i want to take a GPS of the tree to target ground crew to destroy. But reviewing a video flight and spotting the trees in the video works well, just like flying in a helicopter but it would be good to pause the video and then gather the coordinate before continuing. Ideally a flight program that allows 45 degrees of camera angle would be ideal. Any suggestions on a work around?

Even just to have the drone fly a grid system whilst allowing the camera to be controlled other than straight down and stills could be taken when pine trees are spotted on the screen.

This app in our app market allows you to fly and change the gimbal angle. This would allow your individual angled images to have the GPS stamp so you can locate where it was shot from. The Crosshatch portion allows this. You could just call it home after the first grid if you don’t want the total crosshatch.


that’s fantastic. Yip works a treat. Many thanks #Gary.

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