Stitching UAV shots and ground shots with drone deploy?


So recently I’ve been making some 3D models of schools in the local area and I’ve noticed that as the buildings get more complicated the worse the models turn out. So is there a way I can take photos from the drone using the automatic flight plan, aswell as using a smart phone to manually walk around and take photos of the exterior walls to add extra details. I’m more asking does it matter where the images are sourced from and will my models improve in accuracy and detail by doing so.

Thanks Tim

DroneDeploy has never supported images from devices other than the drones that are listed on their support page. I have taken handheld pictures in the past with the drone and they turned out ok. You can do this through DJI Go and make sure to lower your gimbal pitch so that you don’t get too much background info, especially the horizon.

Hi @TimFree and @MichaelL

For processing, we have and do support images from any camera as long as they fit the following requirements:

In order to use Map Engine, your data must meet the following requirements:

  • All images should be in JPG format
  • All images must have latitude, longitude, and altitude in the GPS EXIF data
  • All images should be facing the area of interest
  • All images should have significant overlap (more than 70% side and front overlap, 80% for agricultural or homogeneous imagery)
  • At least 30 images for reliable map processing.

I will say that there are limitations in regards to altitude differences more than anything - trying to match a photo taken at 6 feet in altitude to a photo taken at 150 feet. Also, please use only one camera type per map


Hey guy, noob here wondering the same thing. I’m building projects to help realtors sell homes, so I need lots of detail and really need to use a ground camera.

I found this article helpful, mostly that it looks like different cameras provide external GPS units you plug into the camera and get the GPS EXIF data the DD needs to make the 3d map.


Sounds like allot of people need some flight training, lol. :slight_smile: Doesn’t seem hard to fly manually at low altitude and/or walk around with the drone. Unless you are using an overkill Matrice or something…

That’s funny dude!