Using supplementary photos (with DJIGo App) to help create 3d images

Hey Guys, so today I created a map and i took some photos using the point of interest feature on the DJI software to try and get more detail. Unfortunately I took them in DNG (raw) so they were unusable. Tomorrow I will go out and try again. But I am curious…is the angle of camera something that needs to be specific and does the altitude need to be the same? On videos on line it is suggested 45 degrees?

Lets say i use drone deploy to photograph a house and a tree in a field. Once i have my intial scan done at, say, a zig zag pattern of 50 meters, i want to get more detail of the tree and the house to create a nice 3d image. Is it important that I take all photos at 50 meters or can I fly the drone lower to say 20 meters to capure the side of the house for example? If I change the angle of the camera, is that angle recorded by the digital image and easily taken into account when the dronedeploy software processes everything? If I just take a bunch of random photos of the property from different angles and heights will that assist the dronedeploy software automatically?

Thanks in advance.

Why are they unusable if in DNG? Export to JPG (using lightroom or some other image processor) and retain all metadata (GPS and elevation) and use them

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