Phantom Advanced 4 connecting issue

Hello, I am experiencing issues with connecting my drone to DroneDeploy app.
I am using a DJI Phantom 4 Advanced drone, all firmwares are up to date, latest version of DJI Go and etc. I am trying to connect the drone to DDeploy on Android v10 with latest update on Huawei P30lite MAR-LX1B device. I’ve checked if there are any defaults set on DJI Go app and there aren’t any. Once I set the settings in DJI Go app I am closing it completely, then open Drone Deploy allowing the app to use the USB and go to mission planning but its not indicating that the drone is connected. I’ve tryied reinstalling DJI Go, DroneDeploy, also removed any other apps related to the drone but with no success. I am performing the connection test indoors, could this be the reason of the connection issues? Thanks in advance

Unfortunately that is not a supported device which doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t work, but that it just hasn’t been tested by DroneDeploy. There may be some settings as far as what happens when a USB is plugged in that could be denying the connection or you might try a couple of different cables. Can you try another device? Even if you have to borrow one it’s easy to put DroneDeploy on, test it and take it right back off.

I’ll be able to try on another device (Sony Xperia XA1) during the weekend and will post feedback. Thank you for your quick response!

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No problem. There again is another device that is not officially supported, but it’s still worth a try.