Phantom 3 Advanced connection issues

I have a Phantom 3 Advanced (UAV, battery, and controller firmware all up to date) where I have removed the camera and gimbal. I am trying to use DD with a Nexus 7 (2013) running Android 6.0.1. I was able to connect to DD once, and now cannot connect.

I have tried several different cables, uninstalling and reinstalling DD, and uninstalling other apps that could interfere like DJI Go. I am able to connect to other UAVs that I have such as a Phantom 3 Standard and a Matrice 100 with DD immediately. After connecting to those UAVs, DD is able to connect to the P3A, but gets stuck on a message “USB connection - waiting for drone”.

Are there any other things I can try to get the app to connect?

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Hi @ars.uav,

Apologies for the delayed response. Are you still having issues using DroneDeploy with your Phantom 3 Advanced?

Keep me posted,

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Me too. I’m using the latest version of the dronedeploy app on an Smart S5 Android, with a P3A.

I completed 1 mission following the step by step, but now: is stuck on a message “USB connection - waiting for drone. " I’m waiting for drone…forever”

Somebody Help-me please? Sorry my english

We’ve recently found some issues on iOS that can cause waiting for drone and those have been fixed. We are now looking into android and hopefully have something in the next release or two.
I’m the meantime try restarting drone, rc, and app.