Phantom 4 Pro - images under exposed

Just wondered if anyone else is experiencing issues with the P4 Pro capturing very under exposed images? As per recommendation I have the camera set to auto. Here’s two example images - the first captured through DJI Go, the second through Drone Deploy.

Both taken on same day minutes apart. The cloud cover did not change.

I think that this issue has only occurred since the most recent version of the DD app was released. The version of the DD app is 2.0.40. The release notes on the app store make reference to ‘Many more improvements to camera exposure’.

Sorry to hear about this. I might recommend not relying on Auto mode and, instead, using Manual camera settings. There is a great post on their blog about how to take better photos:

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Thanks Kara - I’ve been in touch with support this afternoon and this was exactly their recommendation. Seems that there is an issue using a P4P and the latest version of app and firmware. Gary from support has managed to recreate the issue.

For now, I’m post fixing in Lightroom.

Thank you for the update and I’m glad this and support is helping.