Automatic camera settings explanation

Could you please explain how DroneDeploy’s automatic camera settings works.

We fly a Phantom 4 Pro doing ag survey work. Our recent mission was on a bright sunny day with small drifting clouds. A bunch of photos came out very underexposed. I had expected the DD auto camera to adjust the exposure speed or something.

How does it actually work?


Hello there, you set up your camera settings in the DJI Go app first, close out of it, and then open DroneDeploy. Typically, I would recommend manual settings. Here’s a useful article on best practices:


I have a P4 Pro and have experienced the same issue. It’s not a DroneDeploy issues, has more to do with recent firmware from DJI. I cannot get it to map right, but I’m about to go try this:

Open DroneDeploy and turn off Automatic Settings
Open DJI GO and Set DJI Go on Auto Settings
Reopen DroneDeploy and Fly

I tried manual settings and mine still looked dark. Bright as could be on basically white dirt and it looked black. I did do one on manual in parking lot that looked really good on manual, so I guess it depends.

Hi Kara,
Thanks for the response. Does the DroneDeploy auto camera mode vary the exposure time and the ISO or just one or the other?
Thanks for you help

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I just had something similar happen the other day. I had my manual exposure set in DJI Go 4, switched over to DD and launched the mission. As my P4P was heading to it’s starting point I could see in the little camera preview window that the exposure was gradually getting darker and darker. Once it started taking pictures they were all under exposed. I let the mission complete, put a new battery in and tried the same mission again. Same exact thing happened the second time.

Have you tried this on the latest version released on Monday/Tuesday? It should be working now.

I did notice a DD update yesterday. It’s supposed to rain where I live for the next several days, but I’ll update and try the mission again asap.

I have run several test with the P4 Pro since I had the same issues described above. I was able to get a crisp map by turning off auto camera settings in the DD app. Then in the DJI Go4 app I left auto focus on, manual settings with Shutter priority “S”, ISO 100, shutter set to 800. This gave me the best map so far.

A suggestion on how to test this is to create a flight plan for about 3-5 acres. Then copy that flight plan several times. Tweak the camera settings and even elevation to find what works best for you. I have found 150 ft about the ground works best for sites where you need a lot of detail.

Hope this helps.


Hey, so, camera settings are made in the DJI Go app and their auto mode adjusts ISO/shutter speed according to what it thinks will take the best photos. I highly recommend setting the camera manually.

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I use to fly in automatic camera settings with good luck as well. Until recently my P4 pro images were very under exposed and the Mavic images were very over exposed. I now fly with that setting off. But will set the camera settings in the DJI app. Still playing with that, but as of now, those settings are in automatic and I will set the white balance to what ever is outside (ex: sunny or cloudy). So far so good. Going to try some more trial mapping soon before I need it for work.

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