P4 Pro and Drone Deploy GSD estimate

Hi guys

I have been mapping with mine Phantom 3 Advanced for almost 2 years now, most of the time using Drone Deploy to fly my missions. I recently purchased a Phantom 4 Pro to increase the fleet, yet to receive it.

When I’m planning a new mission, DD shows me the GSD estimated considering the flight altitude and P3 Adv camera’s parameters.

Is there a way to change my setting in order to Drone Deploy (desktop) understand that I will be flying a P4 Pro and estimate the GSD using the new sensor’s focal length and pixel width?

We are working on improving this. If you preplan, the best way to make sure it uses the correct parameters is to do a tiny adjustment after the drone is connected. It will the recalculate with the new parameters.

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Ok. I got it.

So DD app, when the drone is connected, undestand whitch sensor is on board?

I don’t need to be online to do this fine adjustment, right?

Thanks Chase!

no, just have drone connected.

When you say “slight adjustment”, do you mean to the camera settings or to the flight plan?

I wonder the same. Where can I check/change the drone type dd is using??

I just did some mapping and the overlap seems very small. I am using a Mavic Pro which has a narrower FOV than others and start to suspect dd maybe thinks its flying a different drone.

A slight adjustment to the flight plan.