Different reported sensor sizes, DJI P4Pro, Pix4D and Drone Deploy

I mapped two sections of the same field with my P4Pro. I used Drone Deploy for the first section and Pix4D capture for the second.

When I came to process the whole survey in Pix4D I was informed that I had used two different sensor sizes?

Iv asked Pix4D and they say it could be the resolution settings in the two apps are different.

I can see a camera setting in Pix4D Capture but not in D.D.

Can anybody shed some light on this? Is D.D. using a reduced sensor size setting?

Hi @Peter_Faraday,

There are different settings that can be used. I spoke with one of our engineers and we use the 4:3 setting rather than the 3:2. We have seen some issues that pop up while using the 3:2 settings. Is this consistent with what you were seeing between the two apps?