Image Size (Photo resolution) when capturing

Hello, everyone, I will appreciate if you can clarify me: What is the resolution of the photo that Dronedeploy uses when capturing images in the drone? Is it the one that I set in DJI4 or uses its own configuration? Thank you!

I have the same question. I was using a DJI Mavic Pro with a 12 MP camera and now am using a DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 with a 20MP camera. I have done GCP tagging with both now and the images I see when in the tagging process don’t look very different. I was expecting to have better images so tagging would be easier / more accurate. If I switch from letting DroneDeploy app control the camera settings to choose the camera defaults I set up previously outside of the app, will that do anything with resolution / pixel count?

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My understanding is that DroneDeploy only controls exposure and focus by default unless you change it in your settings.