Bad identify drone

When I plan a 2D mission, the application misidentifies the drone. I have a Phantom 4 pro v2 and I know that at 67m it has a 1.8cm-1.9cm GSD. But in the app it shows me 1.5cmGSD. The resulting photos are not in focus. How can I change the drone identification?

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How can i solve this problem?

DD might plan your missions with a default drone setting, but when you connect your drone it should automatically recognize it and adjust the parameters accordingly. Are you saying that the settings you see are in the field after you have connected the drone, or are they only, for instance, in the office when you are planning missions before heading out to the field?

Focus issues can have many different causes, but sometimes a recalibration is necessary.

When I reinstalled the application, the GSD is the same without the connected drone as with the connected drone. It now shows GSD 2cm/pix at 67m. I haven’t flown a mission yet so I can’t say if it really helped.

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Are you using an android phone? I have had trouble for the last couple of years and I finally broke down and bought a Iphone 13 and haven’t had a problem since. DD doesn’t seem inclined to fix the problem.

Yes, android phone. I’m going to try it next week and I hope it goes well. The terrain awareness function is very beneficial in rugged terrain. And it is free.

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