How is DroneDeploy calculating image resolution?

When I create a flight plan on my dashboard for a given area, the dashboard shows me the amount of images it would take to cover a given area for a given altitude. It also gives information on expected resolution (in my case, 3 cm/pixel from a 100 m altitude). What is drone deploy basing its estimate of image resolution on considering that this should depend on the camera specs on board the drone?

Hi @cosmogeoman,

The estimates are based off of a Phantom 4 Pro drone until you plug in and connect your drone to DroneDeploy when you’re flying your mission.



OK. That makes sense. I have already used my mavic pro for multiple flights so the resolution must be that of my drone camera. Thanks!

Is there a way to set the drone type when planning via PC? Or when disconnected from the drone on the mobile app?

No, the software assumes a Phantom 4.

I was going to post a similar question but its answer was partially here in this thread. If the initial mission planning is based on Phantom 4 specs, and I ultimately connect with a different model (Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, etc), will future mission plans be based on the actual drone model I connected with or will it always revert back to a Phantom 4?

I’m hoping the former and not the latter.


Hi @scole,

We’re curious to know why you might want or need to connect another drone mid-mission? We’d love to understand the type of situations that would prompt you to do so.

We typically do not advise connecting with a different model, but the flight parameters in the app should dynamically change according to the connected drone. Hope this helps!


I don’t think he’s suggesting changing mid mission, but instead he wishes the software would recognise his drone type and maintain its settings so that the software can correctly set out any subsequent missions.

@scole, the mission programmed at your desktop or device automatically assumes you’re using a Phantom 4. Only when you connect the drone in preparation for take-off does DD recalculate the waypoint positions and drone/camera settings.

Like you I wish we could select the type of drone at the time of designing the mission but alas it is always a Phantom 4, despite flying an alternative the time before. I can’t remember what I roughly add on to allow for my Mavic. A third more waypoints than a Phantom 4 perhaps? I have to fly lower to get the resolution which means more waypoints (narrower field of view anyway) and a slower speed also.

Thanks, @JamesC you hit the nail on the head. I have a Mavic Air and I’d like my mission planning to reflect that drone’s characteristics rather than another model (the Phantom 4) which I do not own.

I’m a new user to all of this so I’m just trying to understand it and this just wasn’t a clear point to me. For my immediate test, I’m not too concerned because I just want to create an updated aerial photo for a location with a newly constructed road that’s about a 1/4 mile in length.


@Stephanie Hello I have been trying to get in contact with drone deploy for 2 weeks now regarding an enterprise plan purchase and I have had nor reply what so ever can you help me with this?

Hi @beaubouy,

We’re sorry to hear you haven’t heard from our team regarding the Enterprise subscription. I’d be happy to connect you with a member of our Sales team. Please keep an eye out for an email from me today.

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