How is DroneDeploy calculating image resolution?


When I create a flight plan on my dashboard for a given area, the dashboard shows me the amount of images it would take to cover a given area for a given altitude. It also gives information on expected resolution (in my case, 3 cm/pixel from a 100 m altitude). What is drone deploy basing its estimate of image resolution on considering that this should depend on the camera specs on board the drone?


Hi @cosmogeoman,

The estimates are based off of a Phantom 4 Pro drone until you plug in and connect your drone to DroneDeploy when you’re flying your mission.



OK. That makes sense. I have already used my mavic pro for multiple flights so the resolution must be that of my drone camera. Thanks!


Is there a way to set the drone type when planning via PC? Or when disconnected from the drone on the mobile app?


No, the software assumes a Phantom 4.