Overlap percentages

I just wanted to hear what everyone uses for their overlap percentages. For a typical terrain site I have been flying around 75% sidelap and 70% frontlap. I’m interested to hear what you all use for side/front lap on a typical terrain flight and what your thoughts are on it.

For me it depends on the area I need to cover. If I chose a lot of overlap it significantly increases the flight time. So if it’s only a small area I can afford to up the overlap.
There will be a minimum requirement of course.

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I always try to have 80/80 if possible. I own lots of batteries which makes this easier :slight_smile:

Interesting - does the drone land automatically to change batteries? I got down to 15% and bottled it because it was still a quarter of a mile away so brought it back manually.

Sure does. Was 3,300 ft away and it came home yesterday.