70 / 75% overlap too much or not?

Have DP image acquisition been improved/changed since older versions ?

My colleague wants me to fly at 60m at 72% 75% side/front overlap, as he says this works best for him on dp, however he has an earlier version of dp on his phone.

will the current default settings of the latest dp of 65% sidelap and 75% frontlap give the same results flying maybe at 70m ?

without having to fly 72% 75% at 60m on the old version of the app ?

I would increase overlap to about 85/85 if you want to have great overlap.



Thanks but that does not help answer the question in fact it makes it even more of a concern.

I did get perfect results going 72/70 at 60m. However too many waypoints according to myself, but if that is what is required then i understand thats just how it works and i will just have to live with it, i want to know exactly what i asked, have the software been optimized since v2.8.0 on IOS vs the v4 on android.

If the results i can get with version 4 android 65% sidelap and 75% frontlap will be just as good as 72%/75% on the older 2.8 version IOS, then i would rather use 65%/75% as stated, don’t want to fly more waypoints than i have to.

It depends on the area you are mapping and how easy it is for the stitching software to identify common points.
Indistinct surfaces like forest cover is very difficult and require a larger overlap.

My typical mission is 250 @ 70/75? If I am really focusing on grades I will run 80/85, but in my testing gains in anything over that is virtually nill. As @CeeJay mentioned homogeneous areas require more overlap, but it helps even more if you fly higher.