The free trial pro access

I’m a beta tester on the iOS system. Can I still test it fine with this access ? And I have a question for the settings before flight. What is the frontlap and sidelap settings for ? Newbe :smile:

Hi Tim,

I am also a user so Chase will probably give you the best answer but as far as I got through is that the side lap is the in the raster flowen longest part and the mor % that is the more closer the overlapping are the pictures the system makes the front lap is the part where the drone takes the pics when rutning to the side lap. (hope this clears it up a bit for you) in the map planer play around with it and you will see what I mean.

as a beta tester can I aslo get the pro access for testing?
another question (I´ll rob the thread now sorry) how do I open exported filed (3D model) once downloaded? I can see a lot of JPG and an OBJ file…

Sidelap is the overlap between each line, and frontlap is the overlap in the direction the drone is traveling. We should add some tooltips for some of these options to make it easier.

Hmmm… not much no. But yes, I’ll just have to try and enter different values to the 2 only settings besides the hight I want on the flight.
But did I understand it correctly that to make 3D maps I have to manually fly 3 flights in 3 different altitudes and then take as many pictures as possible. The lowest altitude further away from object/area and so on ?

And what about my access ? Can I still test fully ?

We’ve been doing some experiments with this to see what works best. I think flying a normal flight should be fine, then flying in a square or circle around the object at a few different altitudes with the camera pointing down 45 degrees or so. You usually want to avoid the horizon on these photos if possible so it doesn’t mess up the model.

Access should be fine. We’ll be sending out another mail in the near future when we announce the end of the beta testing (probably sometime in January).

Okay … by the way … Is it correct that the IOS beta app does not have the same options as on android yet ? example:

It should have almost all the same options. It actually has more functionality at the moment (supports X5, and about to support live video feed). It currently doesn’t support disabling the automatic camera settings, but that is coming soon.

Nice … cant wait to get out there.
I think maybe the settings I posted was the android hardware wifi settings and not the app settings … hehe. Sorry for that mistake.

do I have to do these photos manually? or is the app capable of doing it for me. how do I orbit around the area I want to map?

another question I would like to put up is that I can not see my flight data in the dashboard. it loads up but the data is empty. I am outside of the US. – Hungary Europe

The app could upload the photos, the problem is accessing them at a reasonable speed off of the DJI device. Once you get more than 20 or so photos it’s just too slow. We stopped doing that a long time ago to avoid confusion.

Right now you have to manually orbit using the orbit feature in DJI go or using an autopilot app like litchi or auto flight logic.

Question to the frontlap and sidelap: The number I then put into these two options mean ? :blush:

The percent overlap between photos taken in each direction. Should be 60-70 in most cases.

Ahaaa … perfect. Ready to fly now. Thanx :blush: