Suggested Front/Side overlaps for 120m hilly map

I am planing a map of 300 hectares on hill country. I will use an altitude of around 124m to get 3.7cm/px (Flat ground) and will likely launch from around half way up the slope. I understand that the overlaps will need to be higher due to the footprint of the image being smaller when at the top of the hill and probably only 60m AGL and the bottom being more like 180m AGL. Any recommendations for the front and sidelap settings for this mission?

I most commonly use 60/65 for large surveys unless I am over terrain that is homogeneous (I.E. wheat field or solid tall grass) and doesn’t have allot of details to match up and create points from. The app prompts me that 70 is recommended for the front lap, but my results are plenty good a little below that. I never go below 60 on either.

Has the terrain following feature been released yet?

Do you think i can get away with mapping an elevation variance of 140m from high points to low points on the map?
If i set up to allow say 70% overlaps with altitude of say 40m on the high points this will ensure i get the top area covered but will allow with the expanding field of vision a get reasonable good cm/px for the low section and higher overlap because of that, keeping in mind it will be about 180m AGL over that section. I would divide it into another map based on altitude but it has snaking gully’s etc… so would be a messy shape.

Oh i should add, its about a 20 to 30 degree slope angle, so nothing to vertical.

I’ve done a 180ft variance and did not like the results so I would recommend two flights or the terrain follow option if available. @Christina?

Hi @Grizz,

I agree with what @chascoadmin has said. Breaking up your missions into smaller flights will likely be the best solution in this case.