Incomplete final map

Two times the maps have only partially covered the area I laid out. I’m very new to this so it could easily be my fault. This is the map I made and the photo dots afterwards showed that whole area was shot.

Here is the final. Notice the jagged lower area that is left out.

Thanks for the help, mark

It looks like the elevation may have increased in that area.
That could cause this to happen. The effective altitude over that area decreases, giving the camera a smaller field of view and less reference features to stitch with. You might have to fly higher - at least in that area.

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Thanks Gary that is very helpful.

What altitude did you fly? And what frontlap and sidelap?

I had the same thing happen. So, if you are trying to do this in a mountains area how do you know how high to fly? Do you have to break it up, in other words do you have to stop then adjust the hight and then start again ? I am not sure how to go about doing this. I have a 130 acre plot that I have to do and there is some elevation, would I go to google maps and see what the elevation is and adjust it at the points where it climbs ?

Hi @skyviewvt,

If you’re flying in an area with varying levels of elevation, you’ll need to break it up into smaller missions and keep the drone within your line of sight.


Thanks for the input. This is a bit hard to do since some of the areas I plan to shoot are higher elevations and are over wooded areas. so it is hard to keep it in site for some of the higher areas. The area I am talking about goes from 1600 AGL to about 1800 AGL. So if you can’t see it how would you know what alt. to set the mission for ?

Hi @skyviewvt,

Our Product Manager, @Jamespipe, just released a new app called Auto Flight Modes, which is available in our App Market. I recommend checking it out as it automatically optimizes your flight plan based on the height of objects in your map.

Please note that this app is still in beta, so there are no absolute guarantees, but we do welcome and encourage feedback on how to improve this app.


Great, I was looking at that in the dashboard. I will give it a try my next sunny day. I will let you know if it works like I need it to.

Sounds like a plan! Keep us in the loop with your maps. :slight_smile:

some pictures may not have loaded into the program, compare the number of pictures taken and the number of pictures on the map. try refreshing photos by clicking on “add more images”

Are you using an observer? Tell the truth now…lol. Otherwise you should not be flying out of line of sight. Minimum height in my experience to obtain high-quality maps is 175 ft. Probably more like 250ft over trees and brush. So you should be at least that high above the tallest area to be mapped.