Drone Data Processing

I’m facing some issues with drone data processing can you please help me out?
Sensor: RGB
Flying Height: 180-200 meter
Camera Pixel: 24
Overlap: 70% Frontal and 60% on the sides
Planning Software: Mission Planner
Processing Software: Agisoft

Issues I’m facing are listed below:

  1. White Patches in the Images (please see the images)
  2. The distance between pair of 2 consecutive transacts varies, in the same flight 2 transact having a distance of 130m and the next two transact have 110m.

I want to understand the reason of these white patches & distance variation in flight path and how can i rectify these.

Any help would be really appreciated.


Did you get a waiver to fly that high? Were there possibly large groups of trees where those gaps are? With flying that high and low overlaps you probably didn’t get enough detail to stitch trees or homogeneous areas. Can you do a manual upload so that we can see the points for the images on the map? You don’t have to upload them just to be able to see the spacing.

Hi Michaeil, thank you for the reply, yes we got the permission to fly that high. No there are large group of trees instead there are settlements.

I’m a freelancer and as per the contract I cannot share the details or images, however i can share some more screenshots if that help. Also can you please check the point no 2 uneven spacing between transacts, what could be the reason?


I’ll have to let DroneDeploy handle it. Without being able to see the data there’s not much I can do. Odd for sure. Have you tried manually uploading and reprocessing?

Fuzzy patches of trees are always hard to stitch.
The solution is usually to increase overlap, maybe above 80%.

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