Orbit not working

Good morning. Never has issues with DD till today… I applied the orbit mode at the end of a mission but it does not work… Inspire I pro just hangs in the sky and is taking pictures of the same spot but ni orbit flying… Any idea ?

Did this happen multiple times? The DJI SDK attempts to adjust the mission while the drone is in the air which can fail depending on signal and sometimes just bad luck.

The DJI app is not running at all in this case, just DD

When I refer to DJI I’m referring to the SDK they provide third parties such as DD.

Just an addon comment here - I put Orbit on my plan but the drone returned and landed when the ‘main’ mission completed.

iPhone 7 Plus / Phantom 4 Pro

Thanks for the feedback Dave. Seems like an issue for some users. I’ve logged the issue for eng team to look into.

Same here. for weeks i am waiting for a solution