Also, orbit didn't work

I have another topic about using the inspire 2.
I have reverted to testing with my Inspire 1 for now. I got better results and at least managed to get some photographs.
But this time, I had orbit at end set. It just started flying away! I gave it a fair bit of time to adjust and return the final part of the mission. But instead it just kept going, slowly, further. Eventually I took control and brought it back.
More help?

I have not heard that before.
I wonder if it was just a quirk or is happening regularly with your system.
You might recycle power on the drone and controller and try it again.
I would also recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the app and recycling power on your mobile device periodically to clear out conflicts.

Our dev team is working on a solution. Once it is resolved, we will post it here.