Why do I feel like i'm flying in circles OR Not

The orbit feature in this app does not appear to work. I have reported this numerous times and it continues to fail. It does not even attempt to fly it.

I flew a 300 acre farm, which required 3 battery changes. It just ended the mission w/o attempting to fly the orbit. I sent it out once more, and it told me where to go and jump.
For hits and giggles I set up a few test flights with just the standard area with an orbit at the end. It had no problem flying these.

I thought I would try the old reboot the ipad 4. Guess what? the app would not even open. Came home and tried to open it again. Still would not open. Delete and reinstall the app.

There are so many things going wrong with this app, I will stay with this for now.

Hi @leonherbert,

I believe I found the logs for this flight. Please respond back to support@dronedeploy.com so I can verify the details over PM.


Thanks Henry appreciate the help.

I face this same issue. I have flown 10-15 flights and I have not once had the mission orbit at the end and take pictures.
Once, on a very small piece of property (2 acres) It flew three orbits and then landed without taking photos.
The rest of the flights have yet to orbit or fly an entire mission without the app crashing.

Mavic Pro - iPhone 5s


The current orbit mode in the app is going to be replaced in a couple of weeks and it should be much more reliable.

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Well that was over 2 weeks ago so it should now be fixed.
However my problem is even before making the flight.
Once the “Orbit” Switch is flicked the green circle is persistent on the map.
Change the perimeter of the mapped area and a new Orbit is drawn as it should. But the old one is still there too.
Even after selecting another Flight Plan on the dashboard, the orbit/s of the previous flight plan still persist on the map,

I can enable the new mode for you to try out within dronedeploy labs within your app settings. Let me know and I can let you try out the new mode.

Hi chasemgray,

I have yet to see my phantom 3 actually perform an orbit too, any chance you could enable the new mode for me?


The new orbit mode is only going to work on P4, P4P, P4A, Inspire 2, and any newer drones. The phantom 3 and inspire 1 will continue to have problems due to DJI not supporting the new flying methods we’re using in the SDK.

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Fair enough. You might want to surface that fact in your ui though!