Mission failure, app crash

Inspire 1 developmental firmware
Drone Deploy ver 1.4.2
Android Nvidia Shield
dual remotes, DJIGo app used on camera remote to monitor mission and camera view. Aircraft remote running DD and was in “F” mode.

Went to fly a mapping mission today with my Inspire 1. Prepared the route and went to upload the mission. All preflight checks passed yet the aircraft wouldn’t launch. Motors wouldn’t even start. App seemed locked in “starting mission” phase. Made a few attempts to redo it and froze on same point.

So I ran a test with Pix4D… That mission launched but the app crashed mid point so I returned to home. Loaded a new battery and retried Drone deploy and this time it loaded and flew. However, about half way thru the DD app crashed, screen froze and then lost connection and never regained connection. The mission continued and completed to landing.

Was in a remote area and had no wifi. Had to force stop and close the app. Still getting problem with a stuck shutter at the end of the mission… camera won’t stop taking pictures and have experienced this from the beginning.

got home and went to sync the mission only to find there is no mission and I can find no way to upload and compile the images now.

Thanks for the feedback.

You can upload any of your imagery (even non inspire) using the process imagery button on the dashboard. Let me know if you have any trouble with it.

The aircraft remote has to be in F mode to allow automatic flight. Maybe that was the issue?

You will also need to turn the app on again if you flew in an area with no internet in order to let it sync with the internet so you can you your plans on the web.

Uploading images now.

ran the app. Tried offline sync. no mission. looked in the app… no mission.
Like it never happened.

Try the new 1.4.4 version just released. This could have been due to a bug we found this past week.

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