New to iOS Beta & a few questions

Hi, sorry if these questions have been raised already, I couldn’t see them anywhere but may of missed.
Just installed the new iOS Beta and there are a couple of questions I have.

I can’t find a way of performing a ‘precision’ map with a lattice type flight path. Is this possible?

I don’t seem to be able to alter the speed at which the P3 will fly the mission, is this possible as it’s stating 33mph currently which seems very fast for a Phantom mapping run. I’d like to be able to reduce the speed.

Is it possible to alter the direction of the flight path? At the moment it seems to be automatically altered by the app, but it would be useful to have manual control over this.

Many thanks

We currently don’t have a precision option for the mobile app. It may be available in the future.

We run the drone at the fastest possible safe speed in order to obtain the proper imagery. It will go slower if it needs to in order to capture enough images (if you lower altitude, for example).

The direction cannot be changed right now, but that is coming in the near future.


Thanks for the quick reply.

Great news about the direction change feature!

So with regards to the speed, there is no negative effect on the images running the mission at that sort of speed? Is the shutter speed controlled so it doesn’t go above a set exposure time?


Yes. We set the shutter speed as well.

We do allow users to disable our camera settings. We have a plan to allow some sort of speed adjustment to help those users when they use a slower shutter speed for whatever reason.

That’s great. It’s not that I would like to set a slow shutter speed, but if it’s in fairly low light winter conditions like we have at the moment, the camera maybe adjusting the shutter too slow for the speed of the UAV, so an option to reduce the speed of the aircraft could be useful.