P3P Camera Settings Auto or Manual?

Hello All,
I just have started using the app yesterday.
After some initial difficulties, I made 3 flights that went well. Really amazing I feel now the P3P is really a TOOL for Engineering.

I was lucky enough to have the camera set in manual at 1/500 shutter speed, and the photos where crisp.
As the afternoon became sunset, the last flight was taken in the same settings and therefore the photos are dark.
A couple of questions:
a) How to set up the camera for DD? Auto or Manual? How do you guarantee a high enough Shutter Speed in Auto to get clear/non-blurred photos?
b) Is there a way to increase exposure on the resulting map?

Secondary issue
c) What are you guys doing with the outputs DD is providing as of now?
Can you make a 3D animated tour? and how?



By default we set a lot of the camera settings so people can hopefully have a very easy first experience.
If you want to customize these then you need to open the profile screen, by clicking the little cog on the bottom left when connected to your drone, and disable the automatic camera settings.
This will tell DroneDeploy not to mess with any of the settings that you currently have set up from the DJI Go app. We don’t have a UI currently for updating the camera settings. DJI Go has a nice UI for it so for now we let people use that.

For our camera settings we usually don’t use auto for anything except ISO. We’ve been experimenting with that though and previously we did see pretty good maps with a floating shutter speed and ISO set to 100. Unfortunately some of the maps did end up coming out blurry, especially when flown with low light. If you are going to use manual settings it will take a bit of experimentation to get things right, but in general you want manual settings for the best map results. We haven’t seen too many blurred maps with the Inspire or Phantom 3 with anything higher than 1/100 shutter speed, but that could vary depending on light conditions.

We don’t have a very good way to increase the exposure on the resulitng map. If you do any post processing of the images before uploading that could be one way.

We have users doing agriculture, surveying, car accident mapping, search and rescue, as well as any other normal uses that people use drones for. As for the 3D model, you could export it and import it into a tool, clean it up a bit, then do some nice animated tours. We are working on providing some higher quality 3D models as well in the next few weeks. The textures were recently updated and it helped quite a bit.

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Hello Chase,
Thank you for your answer.
I am still not clear, should I have the DJI Go Camera settings in Auto or Manual or it does not matter?

I had them in Manual 1/500 and 1600 ISO and it stayed like that for the 3 flights, even though that the ambient light for the last 2 was insufficient.
Does the DD App has the Automatic Camera Settings by default activated? I did not deactivate any DD settings and the expo came out wrong.
I appreciate your kind answer but as a feedback to you I think that DD needs to get more clear in how to use the tool for optimal results.

That’s interesting that your camera settings stayed the same as they were in the DJI Go app. The ISO should be getting set to auto by us. I am looking at your photos and you are correct that they were all at ISO 1600. I am looking into why it doesn’t get set to ISO auto and adding some more logs so we can figure out why if this happens in the future.

The reason there are so few instructions for using the tool is because when working properly you shouldn’t need to adjust anything. Ideally in order to use the tool you should just have to draw the area you want to map and click go.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Do you mean it should not matter if it was in Auto or Manual in the DJI Go App?
I was in Manual, because I thought that DD App was taking over the camera settings.

I mean I’m a bit confused and think maybe we have a bug if it did not change your ISO settings. I added it to our list. I would try switching back to auto in the DJI Go app and try flying to see if our app updates the camera settings properly.

I am trying to get it right. Whats the recommended setting on the DJI Go App? Does it matter if its in Auto or Manual?

If in AUTO, DD should have a Shutter Speed higher than, lets say, 1/250?

Chase, you mention importing the 3D model into a tool and do some animated tours. I am very interested in doing so, ideally with Google Earth Pro, but I am unable to import the .obj and .mtl files into the mentioned program. Do you know with tools are up for the job mentioned?

I’m not exactly sure. I was hoping some other forum users would have more experience with that. We can also export into different formats if there was a need to. @jeremy would know more about that type of software.

Exporting into other formats is a valuable possibility.
I will send you a list of formats that could be useful.

Chase the field that I just flew today “Basinger_Middle” the camera settings were not correct using the auto settings.

About to push a fix for this today. Just waiting for the sun to go down to test a couple darker missions.

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How did it go?
Is the new App version ready? I have a big series of flights for Friday

Did a flight with automatic image settings. ISO values had been automatically selected by DD from 600 to around 1200. So most of the bright areas have been overexposed.
Switch to DJI Go, set values manually, stopped DJI Go and disabled the automatic camera settings in DD and flew again.
Again, settings have been set by DD during the next flight.
What did I do wrong?

I am having a lot of issues with this as well. I have followed the instructions about setting up, closing DD, going into DJI GO, setting the camera settings to manually, hovering, adjusting, setting ISO to 100 and adjusting shutter speed, then taking test shots. Land, close DJI GO, open DD and fly. It continually overrides my settings, and the photos become overexposed and unusable.

Would it be possible to just add simple “ISO” setting “shutter speed setting” and “white balance” controls? That way we could do some of our own metering, and just simply setting the parameters with confidence in DroneDeploy? This would save complicated dialogs or fancy setting menus for now.

Thanks, I’m very interested in using your software, I think this is the only stumbling block!! :smile:

Are you using Android or iOS? We have improved our automatic shutter and ISO settings in the iOS app so you shouldn’t have to worry about this.

I’m using Android. It would be great to have this feature on the Android version! :smile:

These changes should make it to Android soon.

Any idea on a release date? Really in a holding pattern until this feature makes it into the Android app.


We’re hoping to start testing this month. Testing should go much quicker because we have resolved most of the issues with our iOS app.