Flight speed?

Is there a way to set flight speed? It would be very useful. Thx

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As I understand it:

In general, flight speed is calculated from altitude and overlap specifications. The drone flies the speed it needs to in order to provide the overlap requested. If you want it to fly faster, specify less overlap. But getting the overlap you needs is more important, IMHO.

I want to fly slower about 9 to 10 m/s because images taken above this speed are blury. My overlap is 80 % forward and 60 % sidewise and my P3P flies about 12 to 14 m/s with those setings. Pix 4d has that option to set fly speed. Thx

One concern we have with adding a flight speed option is that like erkq said we adjust the shutter speed and other options so that we can the most photos at high quality. If the photos are blurry we should investigate why you are seeing blurry photos. Iā€™m worried about adding an option that people will use to fix a problem such as that when maybe the reason is not the speed.

My Inspire once too photos from 130ā€™ doing 35mph and they were sharp as a tack. So, like chasemgray says, something else may be going on. BTW, I think my 35mph mission was a DD error, but the results were good!