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Has anyone tried copying a map or progress flight once it has been moved to the project folder? Is it possible? Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you

You don’t have to copy it. You just hit “Fly” at the top and then choose “Map Plan” or “Map Plan 2” etc. on the left sideboard to refly the same flight plan.

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If you click on the three dots to the right of a map you created, you will get a pop-up box. The first choice is to duplicate the flight plan. Rename the flight plan whatever you wish (I always put a date flown in the title), double-check the settings if you wish and fly.

@boilercardinal, I believe that is in the old folder and map system. He is referencing the new project system where you do not see the individual flights. You can scroll through the flights on the calendar, but they are not listed as individual flights.
@Michael_Burnside, Like Gary said, you create flight templates so you can reply the same exact pattern over and over again. What interface are you planning on? The web browser or the mobile app?

Maybe I don’t understand, but after the map is made and in my folder, I follow the steps above and fly the same site again. The new copied flight pattern is then in the folder with the old map. I use the date-stamp to differentiate at first glance. I do this on the web browser and pull up DD on my iPad before I leave the office to verify they’ve all made it across before I go out into the field.
I’m not sure old versus new system. I just did it two days ago and walked myself through the procedure when I wrote my reply yesterday. I hope I did not confuse. I’m new to this message board.

@Adam_Carp, Is the Projects interface a plan level thing? Or has projects not been released yet? Oops.

I planned the original flights on my MacBook. Then made adjustments on my iPad. Used the iPad for the flight but when I went to fly again the initial plans on my MacBook were still there. I expanded the map size and moved the focal point are some of the adjustments I made

My initial mistake was making adjustments on my iPad. I should have just downloaded them only. I shouldn’t have made adjustments. As far as the new feature Gary and DroneDeploy, they were very helpful

So are you seeing the green project pins or are you seeing individual flights and/or folders with individual flights inside of them? If you could include a snapshot of your computer interface it would be helpful.

That’s a solid answer. You’re only familiar with the new product

@MichaelL Everyone’s got Projects Beta in their settings as an option at this point. Projects is an entire top-down redesign and plans are included under that umbrella. A project essentially has a number of reusable templates (that used to be called flight plans) that you can fly over and over to create completed maps.

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