New to the beta team (upload photos)

If I create a mission on the app and not the desktop. How do I upload my photos ?
There is no mission on the desktop to upload too.
Any help would be appreciated.

The plan should appear on your desktop. Its possible you can try opening the app again and let it stay open for 10-15 seconds to save any data it had. It’s also possible a bug is causing this. I’ll look at our errors to see if anything is happening.

Thanks that worked.
One more question.
When setting up your mission I what to have a more detailed flight path.
Im to understand if I select precision its creates a cross hatch pattern ?
I select it but I don’t see it changing the flight path ?

Glad that worked. We will make it more obvious in the near future. The precision buttom shouldn’t actually be there for inspire and p3 planning, it’s a bug. We currently don’t have cross hatch support for inspire. Is this something you wanted to do?