Native Resolution Export

First I would like to say that the new exporting process is great. The only issue I have is with final quality. When I export my Ortho, I cant click the Native resolution button and thus the final export resolution if poor compared to the original imagery shot. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks!

I had the same issue last time.

Now I click on Native Export and it says I need to upgrade my account, but when I click on the link it takes me to my account settings and there is no option to upgrade. Help?

Hi @CI_Aerial and @Max_Galkin : Thanks for your feedback on exporter! The Native Resolution export is a Precision level feature, as described here in our pricing plan guide. Please contact with questions regarding the Precision plan.

@neema , thanks for the response. So just to clarify, as a beta tester moving forward, native resolution export will not be available without a paid membership? Thanks.

Sorry to get back to you so late on this- yes, that’s correct. You’ll still be able to access your data on , but will not be able to access paid features without a subscription.

It would be nice to have a figure associated with the exports in “native” resolution, exactly how many centimeters per pixel is “native” in that particular export equivalent to.