Export in native resolution issues


I was with the explorer plan and bought a pro plan to be able to export my map in native resolution. (3.62cm/px)
Impossible, an error message “Export size too large to process, please try a lower resolution.”.
I only could export it in 50, 20 and 10cm/px, just like with an explorer plan.
Customer service told me that the Pro plan limits me to 3GB of data and 500 images and I needed to upgrade to Business plans or export it to a lower resolution. So i parted my map in three and uploaded the first part with 320 images, for 2.35GB of data. It’s a map that represent 39hectares along a small river.
Still couldn’t export it in its native resolution (3.62cm/pixel).
Customer service answered : we are unable to export at the resolution you desire due to the data cap limitation our algorithm uses, If this map was a square format it might have worked. But this one is too narrow.
Export it in lower resolution or upgrade…
That’s blackmail !!! DD has to inform the customer of the maximum lenght of a map before flying or before paying the plan, they adapt the argument every day to make you upgrade. Yesterday it was because of the number of images, or GB data, now it’s because my map is too narrrow. If I needed a lower resolution like in the explorer plan, I wouldn’t have upgraded to a Pro plan. So I asked for a refund of my pro plan. No answers. They are unable to provide the service and keep the money.
Did anyone have the same problem ???

Hello Alfonso, thanks for reaching out. I am glad we were able to help you with your issues and come to a resolution via our chat. Unfortunately, our Native export option is only available when maps are not large. Your case was a unique one in that more data was processed due to the natural shape of your map which exceeded what your plan subscription could handle. We are constantly improving our application and I do apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.


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