Orthomosaic Resolution Choices

I’m using the free version of DroneDeploy, and so I can’t download the highest resolution orthomosaics. I’m wondering, however, how much better the resolution could be with the paid subscription. A couple of specific questions I have are:

  1. Why is the native resolution download option a lower resolution than some of the other download options (native = 1.33in/pix, highest res option is 0.4in/pix, and the highest available for my free subscription is 0.8in/pix).

  2. Has anyone noticed a significant difference in resolution between turbo upload and regular upload? I’ve tried both and if anything the turbo upload looked slightly better, but maybe that’s because I couldn’t download the highest resolution with the free subscription.

Hello @djford when you do upgrade to our paid plans, you will be able to export your maps in a higher resolution depending what paid subscription you choose (Pro, Business Enterprise). I believe our dropdown menu shows what maps can be potentially exported at given the native resolution size (which is listed in red). You will not be able to export a map with a resolution lower than what it is natively.

As far as turbo uploader, essentially it down samples the photos in order to process them faster. You are more than welcome to explore the differences between resolutions and play around with the produced outputs to see the differences.