Finer Control Over Export Resolution

The different options in the different GSDs you can export at are too far apart. An orthomosaic may just miss whatever the threshold is to export at a higher resolution than it’s a fairly big step down from there. JPEGs are limited to 65535 pixels for example, what if the ortho resolution is 66000 pixels? Can’t export it but you can at slightly under full resolution. I understand these seemingly arbitrary limits DD imposes are making other considerations, namely server processing load, and file size/storage probably. But one can dream. :slight_smile:

What are you doing that 2in/px isn’t working. That works for 90% of use-cases I have ever seen? The 4in/px option actually suffices, but why not put out a little better product if you have the ability to handle it?

Issues like this are the reason that everyone on the forum needs to get their clients to view maps on DroneDeploy and the Service Providers need to learn how to align data in Bluebeam or QGIS. That said, QGIS needs to be the standard, but won’t do so until they have a good mobile solution.