My uploads have disappeared!

I have attempted to upload images from one of my maps 3 times. Each time I receive the message that the upload was successful but then no images appear and no map is ever created. Unlike previous uploads, the icon never shows “processing”. Only my Live Map appears. Its as though the images I uploaded have disappeared.

Problem started 08-23-18

Phantom 4 Pro

iPad Pro, uploading from MacBook Pro

App version 279.0

Try clearing your cache or as I do, run your browser in Incognito mode.

Hi @SgtStretch,

Can you verify that this issue occurs with images from a different map? Does the issue also persist after trying the steps @MichaelL has shared?

Keep us posted,

Yes the issue is occurring with multiple maps. I have tried uploading from different computers, using different browsers. 2 of 5 maps uploaded successfully. The others show that the upload was successful but fail to process and the files I uploaded disappear.

The issue is fixed thanks to Adam in tech support. The problem was on the server side and it needed a kickstart. Tech support was helpful and they resolved my issue. The maps are processing now.

Hi @SgtStretch,

Glad to hear your issue was resolved by our Support team!


Thanks for this thread a lot, I’m gathering information since still a newbie and yeah thanks a lot.