Multiple takeoff points

Hi. I’ve done alot of large maps in DD. A question I have is this.
When I do an 800 hectare map I change my launch site with each battery change to follow the drone. I take over and land at low battery and swap and relaunch from different location from previous take off.
Different location and different altitude with perhaps 8 individual flights.
Will this create an issue when processing with the takeoff points being different for each battery flight?
I want to maintain a reasonably accurate elevation relative to entire 800 hectare block.

I should also add that I will likely use Map Pilot to capture images as it’s over hill terrain ± 400m but I will process the images in DD.

The orthomosaic map will be fine, but your point cloud at the stitching of the individual flights may have a little ridge/valley. Very small though. If you are not using GCP’s and are not super-concerned with the 3D aspect then you should be ok.