Large Area 540 hectares

Hi everyone, I’m from Brazil and I have a great project in my hands.

540 hectares urban area + rural area

There are points varying from 100 meters from the highest point to the lowest point
I want to do flights of 80 meters to ensure a better GND so the questions below

I have some questions before buying dronedeploy!!

1 Can I take off from a point To carry out the mission until the battery runs out, change the battery and take off from a B point later? At this point B would be a few meters above the point A?

2 Can I use 2 different drones (mavic + Phanton 4)?

3 If there is a need for you to continue the mission on another day?

Please help me

That sounds like a great project! Because of the large variation in terrain I definitely suggest multiple flights.

You can set up on two different points for the same map, but you may experience a slight vertical shift where they meet. Horizontal should be fine if that’s all you’re after.

If you do want to ensure tight verticals across the entire site then you should probably put down at least 5 gcps. The four corners and 2 in the middle on each side of the halves. If you run 3 flights to do 3 in the middle.

I would not use two different drones unless they are the same model and you are using PPK. Without PPK GPS signals will be slightly different. With the GPS accuracy of a standard Phantom this could definitely cause problems in the stitching of the multiple flights.

I wouldn’t recommend using two different models of drones either. The camera on the Mavic has a different Field-Of-View.

Mixing drones doesn’t work well. If you plan multiple missions with an overlap you can then upload all the photos as one set and it should process with no problems.