Different takeoff location with multiple batteries

When doing a mission requiring multiple batteries, is it necessary to take off from the same location in order to get consistent AGL altitude (using DJI), or is it ok to move to another location that may be higher or lower? Not sure if dronedeploy uses altitude solely from gps, or if it also takes the drone’s altitude into account.

If you move to another location your new flight altitude will be relative to your new starting point. Let’s say your new starting point is 10 meter higher then your first starting point then the pictures from the second flight will be taken 10 meters higher then your first round of pictures.

It references the drones altitude, which is good to + - a meter or two.
It should work fine. I sometimes fly at two altitudes and upload both datasets as one map.

Cool, thanks guys! That makes sense. I’ll give it a try. It’s all forested area so I’m trying to break it up to maintain los.