Multiple flights, multiple altitudes

Hi, I know I can add additional images to an existing map, but I have some questions.

My terrain is very steep in places, and since I need to fly at 350ft to clear some trees, but the rest of my terrain is around 200ft. Can I do one flight at a low altitude, then a second flight at a higher altitude (this time flying over the trees, instead of stopping before the trees? Is it possible to merge that data and have DD automatically use the higher resolution files from the lower pass?

These are douglas fir trees that really stick out. On one of my first DD test flights, the P4P hit one of them, and tumbled down and got entangled in some vines which saved it from crashing. Was very lucky, but also I learned to not trust the obstacle avoidance.

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DD should use all the pictures you upload. In the lower area there will be 2 over the terrain that will both contribute to building the model.

Try just your high set and then both to see if you get much improvement over the low area.


Yes, it should work.
Obstacle avoidance is more for totally solid objects. Trees vary and are tough.
Try and make sure you fly 200-250 feet above the TOPS of the trees to get good stitching.

You can put them all in one folder and upload as one map. No duplicate file names though.